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Sirma USA have been in business in Europe since 1992, provided software engineering services to North American clients since 1995 and opened an office in the US in 2006. We work with clients ranging from multinationals to early stage startups.

Our focus is on business-critical, custom software. We focus on delivering business outcomes, rather than “software”. Sirma USA delivers consistent results and our clients trust us to provide long term leadership and experience to tackle their toughest engineering challenges.

At present our top capabilities are in the areas of DevOps, Cyber Security, IoT, Cloud Based systems, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. All our employees are in the US, Canada and the EU.

Unlike most software-only firms we take on consumer electronics and embedded software projects. We have developed software that runs on solar panel controller, wireless power transmitters, residential IoT devices, Ricoh, Fujitsu and Minolta MFDs and custom cyber-security appliances. In 2015 a client platform with software we developed won two Best of Show awards at CES in Las Vegas.


Position description
The company uses a DevOps process based on the Atlassian stack – including but not limited to Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Git/BitBucket. Projects are required to perform continuous integration and continuous test and we typically maintain separate test, QA, staging and production environments for each project. The majority of our deployments are on the Amazon AWS and Azure public clouds. We use many of the advanced AWS/Azure services and features. We use a branch-by-feature and commit-with-code-review methodology and most of our client projects are configured for continuous delivery. Your role will be responsible to assist in developing our cloud infrastructure, support the automation, code deployments, releases. Ensure monitoring coverage for applications and proactively monitor and manage the health of applications/systems.



  • BS/MS in computer science or other relevant technical degree
  • 2+ years of experience in system administration
  • Intermediate or advanced knowledge of the AWS or Azure services
  • Experience with Linux (RHEL, CentOS 6.x – 7.x, preferred), Zabbix/Nagios (or other monitoring tools), ssh, rsync, top, iostat, iptables, NFS, ext3, ext4, XFS and other file systems
  • Experience with TCP/IP, VLAN, VPN, DNS, DHCP, Firewalls
  • Shell programming expertise
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Demonstrated initiative and team work competencies


Company Values
• Loyalty and Ethics – our livelihood depends on repeat business, word of mouth and the references, which our customers give us. We demand from ourselves and our employees the highest standards of personal and professional conduct and ethics.

• Expertise – our teams are world class. We strive to be the highest quality and value provider – not the lowest cost one.

• Innovate or die – When you work for Sirma USA, we will make you think outside the box and you will be exposed to situations, concepts, processes and requirements that will challenge you beyond the mainstream “programmer” experience.

• Real not Abstract – we love software (and hardware) but what we deliver is not about the software. We deliver TOOLS and EXPERIENCES that help businesses and people achieve goals.

• Listen & Learn – If you are willing and able to listen and learn about a problem, to relate to the experiences and perspective of the people who live and breathe the problem, and finally come up with a solution that makes sense not just technically, but holistically – we want you on the team.

• Collaborate and Communicate – Our work is exciting because it is complex and always evolving. To succeed we must be able to work smoothly and effectively with our peers, managers and customers. A team member who is not respected is a team member who is cut off from effective communication and is guaranteed to fail.


If you feel the challenge and if it sounds right for you, send us your application! 

We will contact only the candidates selected for further consideration. Confidentiality is guaranteed. We thank all candidates for applying.

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